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Sharing The Equestrian Magic of Autumn:  Inspiring October Photos

Sharing The Equestrian Magic of Autumn: Inspiring October Photos

Ah, Autumn, our absolute favorite time of year to be an equestrian. Apple cider reins supreme, the air smells earthy and relaxed, and whispers of magic linger around each corner. Equestrian life reaches new heights of splendor in the fall. It is the best time to be inspired. The quiet moments of evening are truly a photographer’s dream, capturing the timeless spirit of the horses we cherish. Within the Home of Horses office, we have immersed ourselves in the spirit of this season and we want to extend an invitation for you to join us in being inspired by the equine energy that Autumn brings!

fall horse photography

Share Your Equestrian Photography Magic With Us

In this age of social media, there’s no better way to inspire others than by sharing your captivating Autumn horsey moments. We invite you to capture the essence of these magical experiences through the lens of your camera and tag our Instagram page! @homeofhorsesguide #homeofhorses #InhaleSkyandExhaleStars is our tag for 2023 Autumn inspiration. We will be sharing these wonderful photos.

Together, let’s create an album of inspiration that captures the heart of being a horse lover or owner in the fall. We will be choosing several to feature in upcoming blog posts! Bring on your photos – we can’t wait to see it!

equine photography

Moon and Magic Thoroughbred

Equestrian life

Mystical American Paint

horse fall photoshoot

Everyday Barn Magic

horse fall pictures

Wizarding House of Gryffindor

Horse October

Spellcasting in the House of Hufflepuff


Herd Charms

Horse Photography

Are you a professional equestrian photographer? Consider joining our directory so that potential clients can easily discover your services and request bookings.

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We are excited to see the inspiring horse photos you capture this autumn! Remember to tag our Instagram page so we can all enjoy: @homeofhorsesguide #homeofhorses #InhaleSkyandExhaleStars

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