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Home of Horses: A Equine Directory Jam-Packed with Wisdom and Awesome Businesses

Home of Horses: A Equine Directory Jam-Packed with Wisdom and Awesome Businesses

So here’s the thing- I was straight-up exhausted from digging through ancient links with sources from early 2000 in search of equine education, horse shows and events near me. I mean, seriously, I was spending hours searching through what ever few Facebook groups I was a part of ( along with hundreds of others I was not apart of-ug who can keep up) through threads buried deeper than my love for snacks (and trust me, that’s deep) to gather information on being a new adult equestrian and in search of opportunities for further education, as well as nearby horse shows and group events.

A Modern Equine Business Directory

Oh my gosh, and Google – seriously, is it even attempting to keep up with the lightning-fast, constantly evolving world of horses? I mean, I couldn’t believe it when so much of what I found were links from 2012-2016. No offense, Google, but you and Facebook were my motivation to establish HOME OF HORSES, this massive modern-day haven for all things equine. Horse owners and educators coming together in one place, with a huge business filter system, and map locator. We are a beacon in an internet sea for equestrians and equine business.

Horse Business directory

List Your Equine Business in our Directory

If you are in the horse-related business and looking to take it to the next level, then look no further than Home of Horses. That’s right, this is THE place to get your business noticed, appreciated, and sought after by horse enthusiasts. It’s the ultimate spot to get your business seen, worshipped, and chased down by horse fanatics. So let’s join forces and create an insane directory packed with knowledge and some badass equestrian businesses. Together, we gonna soar to new heights as riders and horse lovers.

Home of Horses member

Equestrian Community Events Calendar

Are you looking for a platform to promote your horse events and workshops? Look no further than our community calendar! This calendar serves as a centralized hub where you can easily list all your upcoming horse-related activities. Whether you’re organizing an equestrian competition, conducting educational workshops, or hosting horseback riding lessons, the community calendar provides you with the perfect platform to reach out to a wide audience of horse enthusiasts. Take advantage of this opportunity and ensure that your events receive the attention they deserve. Don’t miss the chance to connect with fellow horse lovers and showcase your equestrian expertise. List your horse events on the community calendar today!

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Updated Educational Blog

Our blog is dedicated to businesses related to horses and aims to provide valuable learning and insights. Whether you are a horse trainer, owner, or simply passionate, our blog is designed to offer you in-depth information and details on various horse-related topics. From training techniques and health care advice to industry trends and success stories, we strive to deliver content that is both informative and practical. Join us as we delve into the world of horses and share valuable knowledge with our readers and highlight dedicated businesses in our directory!


If you’re in the horse-related biz and craving the fast track to success, you’ve come to the right spot: Home of Horses. This is THE go-to destination where your business gets the recognition, love, and attention it truly deserves from all those passionate horse enthusiasts out there. Let’s collaborate, put our horsey heads together, and create a mind-blowing directory jam-packed with wisdom and kickass enterprises. Together, we’ll gallop towards stardom and grow as the true badass equestrians we were destined to be! Let’s saddle up and conquer the horsey world, y’all!

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