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Adult Equestrians: Adventures in Polo At Roseland Polo Club!

Adult Equestrians: Adventures in Polo At Roseland Polo Club!

Adult Equestrian Outings

I recently embarked on a thrilling adventure with my friends that took my friend Hollie’s birthday celebration to new heights—literally. Imagine a scene straight out of a dream: majestic Polo horses, mallets soaring through the air, and the electrifying thrill of “mastering”(that may be taking it a little far) the art of Polo amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the picturesque Charlottesville, Virginia mountains at the esteemed Roseland Polo Club.

Polo Charlottesville

Adult Beginner Equestrians Learning Polo

An adult equestrian birthday celebration like no other! This amazing life experience wrapped with a birthday made for an exhilarating day of equestrian escapades. Imagine surprising your guests with an invitation that reads, “Saddle up for a wild ride – it’s polo time at Roseland Polo Club!”

Our journey into the world of Polo started with a crash course in the basics on the ground when we arrived. We learned from a seasoned instructor who was as passionate about Polo as we were about making this birthday unforgettable. Our journey commenced with feet firmly planted on the ground, delving into the intricacies of polo swings with smaller style mallets. We explored a repertoire of hits, from the elegant backhand to the powerful forward strokes and more. After 15 minutes of laughs and smacking the ball around it was time to saddle up.

Our instructor was great in choosing our horses and making us feel totally comfortable. They were tacked up and ready to go already, and we mounted one by one with our instructor making sure we were comfortable.. We were given a longer actual mallet at this time, based on our horses size. As we started out, the air buzzed with excitement from beginners to advanced riders our group was ready! The Polo ponies were nothing short of amazing.

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Learning Polo In Charlottesville

Cruising the mammoth Polo field with the mountains as my epic backdrop on the back of Millie, rocking that chic polo saddle, felt like squeezing a whole lifetime of joy into just one hour. Swinging the mallet brought its own set of challenges, but Millie, the cool horse that she is, looked at my beginner Polo moves with sheer boredom. In no time, the Polo maestros had us all trotting together, and sharing laughs. There I was, hollering at Millie to get that ball as we trotted along in blissful chaos. Fun? Oh yeah, we were knee-deep in it!

It was over much too soon, as we walked back to the barn chattering along about our horses and how much fun we had and we vowed to return.

As the sun did its disappearing act, and we clinked glasses at King Family Vineyard next to the field, its warm glow casting a cozy spell on the Polo arena, we couldn’t help but be amazed by the sheer delight of embracing the unconventional. Life’s full of surprises, and apparently, so are the best parties! Happy Birthday Hollie!

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